Technologies i know

There are lot of technologies are there currently in trend. Its a big question in everyone’s mind “which technology should i go?”. Few of them go for Java, few for .Net, few for PHP and few of them for C++, infact there are so many to mention here.

I started my programming with C and C++. When i went deeper in C++, i feel so much comfortable and thought its my line. Than one of my friend told me about the .Net. I started digging in .Net from internet. There are lot of websites available to learn any technology from internet. During this time period of my life i developed many web projects. After a while i started thinking to made something different apart from websites. Than i made a totally different project, i called it Spy car which was a combination of embedded system and Java technology.

During this project i learned about chips, circuits and the most important one Java Technology. I made two Java applications for this project one was a Windows application on Advance Java and other one was a Mobile Application on J2ME. During this project i also did micro-controller programming in assembly language.

In the last but not the least, i started working with an organization Genebyte Pvt. Ltd. The technology used in Genebyte was only PHP :) so i again started learning a new technology, but PHP this time.

I found PHP really so small and simple as compare to other technologies like Java and .Net. PHP is the technology which is future of the web (you will find most of the websites on web in PHP ;) ) One of the reason behind its increasing popularity is that its open source.


CMS and other PHP scripts:-

I am expert in many CMS’s and PHP scripts like












I think the list is too big to be placed here so i am stopping now…

I develop Themes, Plugins, Modules and components for these Php scripts too :)