The Spy Car

spy car

This is one of my best project during my B.Tech. “The Spy Car” is not a web project ;)
There are two mobile phones used in this project called Spy Car. One of the mobile phone is placed on the car which is on auto-answering mode. This mobile is connected to a DTMF decoding chip which decodes the DTMF(Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) signal from mobile to binary. The another mobile phone used in this project is used to call on the mobile phone connected to the DTMF chip. As the first mobile is in auto answering mode it receives the call automatically. Now when you will press the 2,4,6 or 8 number key from your second mobile the first mobile detects the key pressed by decoding the DTMF signals and move the car on to to its corresponding direction (2 for forward, 4 for left, 6 for right and 8 for backward).


Now here is the second module of the project due to which it called “The Spy Car” ;)
There are two software applications used in this project one is a Windows Application based on Java platform and another one is a Mobile Application based on J2ME.
The mobile application sends the live video of the mobile camera placed on the car to the windows application by using the blutooth wireless technology.

So, how this project sounds to you?