Exploring the real Himalaya


Most of the people come india just to explore the real beauty of Himalaya. But the real question is “how many of them really able to do it?”. aah just a few of them ;) No problem i will show you the real one.

How about riding a bike on the mountains of Himalaya :) stupidity or a real fun? Believe me its the real fun :) but its for only tough guys. Riding a bike above 17,000FT, temperature below 0 degree, high atmospheric pressure and low amount of oxygen sound so scary but they are extreme conditions there. Now you are thinking which place i am talking about in Himalaya ? Ok so let me tell you its going Ladakh by road. The road of ladakh is open only for 6 months of every year because of snowfall. In this journey you will find river, waterfall, snow, magnetic hills, desert and the real beauty of nature.